Saturday, March 26, 2011

A peek at some March happenings

Hard at work

Still sweeping...he will carry the broom and dustpan around the whole house. And even though we have a smaller broom for him, he insists on the big one.

A visit to Atlanta for a good friend's baby shower. It was Eli's first plane trip!

Tummy time!


Pointing out his brother's mouth

Feeding the turtles. Well, feeding his own belly first, then the turtles.

Comfy in Nana's arms - until he got too heavy...16 lbs gets heavy real quick!

An attempt at a family photo...although Mr. Independent down front wasn't interested.

Practicing how to sit up

Exploring the alphabet

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Both the boys are growing up soooooooo quickly!!!!