Monday, September 27, 2010

Walking caught on tape!

I finally got a small video of Wyatt walking...he's getting better at it every day. Balance is a tough thing to master! He has several more teeth in his mouth now - I believe we are up to 12 teeth.

He's also started asking with his hands where things we know when he's trying to look for something because he'll put up his hands as if he's asking, "Where is it?"
And, within the last week or so, he's very interested in turning his toys on and off. He'll flip the toy over and turn it on, then off. Then on, then off...

This weekend we also made a bear for baby boy #2! We made Wyatt a Red Sox bear before he was born. He sleeps with him each night and loves to give Wally hugs. For Baby boy #2 we made a fishing bear. I think we've settled on the name Seabass for the bear. (We're still undecided about the name for our second little man...who will be here in a few short weeks! The first week of December is quickly approaching!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few steps!

Wyatt has starting taking a few steps on his own!! He is getting very brave...this past weekend he could make it about 7 steps before plopping down. He's now up to about 14 steps. It is hard to get it on video. I'll try to post a video soon.

On top of Wyatt's new found walking ability, the poor little man has three molars and two incisors coming in at the same time. He's been drooly again lately and a little irritable at times. Who wouldn't with that much going on in your mouth?? He did seem to like the nectarine out of the fridge though - I like to think it felt good on his teet as he chewed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

On the move . . . heading into Week 26

Wyatt is non stop action lately. He hardly sits still! It's one thing then another. He is constantly on a mission and has started telling me about it if something he wanted to do is not going smoothly. Here is a video of him having fun on his firetruck in his room.

And the latest on the pregnancy front - heading into week 26 on Tuesday. So far so good, just as easy (thankfully!) as the first. No big complaints. I have noticed that #2 is MUCH more active than Wyatt was when I carried him. He makes his presence known! The occasional heart burn has started a week or so ago but other than that we're both growing slowly!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Food fun :)

He still enjoys eating with a spoon! It does make meal time messy...but you have to learn somehow!
A trip to the Winter Park Farmers market this weekend - walked out with some veggies and the boys got a refreshing pineapple drink (sans liquour...)