Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Wyatt seems to love music. He's been dancing for at least 2 months now when he hears music but it has been a real challenge trying to get it on video! Once he sees the camera he usually starts reaching for the camera to play with and investigate. I finally got a fairly good clip of him clapping to one of his toys that plays music. He's also been caught swinging his legs to the beat and moving his arms. He's a joy to watch :)

It also looks like some molars might be coming along very soon - there is plenty of drool to prove it too! He has eight teeth so far. Number 9 might be a doozie though. (You can also see my baby bump here...I'm a little more than halfway there!)

Here's the sneaky little guy - I felt sure he was rubbing and yawning because he was ready for his nap...not so much, as you can tell!

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

You're looking really really well, Mummy!!!!!!!!