Monday, October 5, 2009

News catch up

It has been a few days since I've posted any happenings so here are a few things that have been going on lately:

1. Wyatt's belly button is great. Our second visit to the pediatric surgeon turned out to be our last. He tied off the base of his belly button again and as he did it fell off which is what he wanted it to do. There wasn't too much blood and Wyatt wasn't too bothered by it. It now looks like a little nub, just like it should.

2. I had a garage sale this past weekend with what I would consider, great success! My parent's community had a Community Garage Sale so I camped out at the end of their driveway to take advantage of the traffic. My reasoning for having a garage sale is to get rid of stuff and give the buyers a deal. I figure there's no point in having a sale if there aren't any deals. So, I'd like to say we had the best prices on the block. (even a FREE box...) Basically, if I saw someone pick an item up, I thought to myself, "What price would make that person buy that item and NOT put it back down." Once an item is in their hand, they're hooked, I just have to reel 'em in with a price they can't pass up! I was really surprised at how many people bought clothes and shoes. My sister put out some stuff as well but I think we probably sold about 2 dozen pairs of shoes and at least 3 dozen shirts/skirts/pants. I've never had clothes do so well at a garage sale. It was a fun morning for me, I enjoy the whole garage sale package - gathering stuff to sell, putting up signs, talking to people who come to browse, earning a little cash . . . and packing up less stuff than I had before I started :)

3. Wyatt is starting to get a little routine during the day and night now. He's sleeping between 5-7 hours at a time then he'll wake up for a little food and go back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. During the day he's starting to take a nap in the morning between 9am and 10am and then another one in the afternoon somewhere between 2pm and 3pm. Naps seem to last just 30 minutes or so. Here are a few recent pictures:


Jamie said...

So glad Wyatt's belly button is better! He's getting so big! Can't wait for a routine...I'm glad it's not far off!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

What a cutie Wyatt is!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog.