Tuesday, September 8, 2009

7 weeks! (mostly filled with smiles)

It's amazing how quickly time passes~ Here are some pictures of little man at 7 weeks old.

This picture is taken in my office at work. I've rigged up a little contraption to the oscilating fan so that as the fan moves, his toys pass in front of his face. Both toys hanging make a sound - one is a bell that rings, the other is a rattle. When he's calm (usually after eating) I'll place him in his chair in front of the fan and he's just follow the toys with his eyes. Every now and then he'll reach up to touch the toys and the bell will ring which makes him smile. He's even starting kicking when he's happy. Today he occupied himself with those toys for about 30 minutes!

This caught my eye today in the Orlando Sentinal...Moms Get Fit! I'm still trying to figure out if my husband read this section last or carefully placed the Health & Fitness section on top of the newspaper pile so I would see it...I'm leaning toward coincidence. Regardless, I may just try to win!
P.S. And...sometimes he gets mad...poor guy...it's hard being a baby.


Lindsay said...

He is so handsome! Seeing pictures of him makes me smile.

Steph said...

He's so cute, Jen. I love his hair! Oh, and the newspaper thing was totally a coincidence. Caleb would not do that! I hope you win! I almost was going to enter and then I saw that the progress of the winner would be posted on the blog. Too much pressure for me...haha! It is an awesome prize package though. Good luck!