Sunday, August 30, 2009


So the News is really getting me worried about the Swine Flu and the fact that the age group most at risk includes Wyatt. I've already been pretty careful in general about clean hands around him but there's this little voice in the back of my head that says, "What if that's not enough?" One of the radio stations had a guest Doctor on air this past week was talking about a product called Hibiclens and I did end up going to the store and getting a bottle. The thing that really sparked my interest about it was the fact that it says a residue (that you can't feel) is left on your hands that continues to kill germs for up to 6 hours after washing with the soap. I've also given a bottle to my Mom and sister who are school teachers and my brother who seems to get sick more than the rest of us. Anyone else heard or used this product?

On a lighter note, here are some more pictures of the little man! These were taken at my nephew's 14th birthday party yesterday. The party was at Blue Springs State Park - luckily the canopy cover and the pavillion made it much cooler than the 95 degrees it was in the sun!

Wyatt with one of his Uncles.

Birthday Cake time!

Wyatt's cousin saying hello...

Mom and son.

Dad and his son.

The Birthday Boy!

Wyatt in the arms of his proud cousin.

One of Wyatt's Aunts. . .
This is Wyatt's favorite position right now. He normally calms right down if you put him on your arm. His Ah-Kong does it best though, he has the magic touch.

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Aaron said...

He looks like Caleb in that last picture :)