Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wyatt's room and 38 week pics

Well, Mom (Nana) and Dad (Kong Kong) have been busy trying to add some finishing touches on Wyatt's room before he arrives. Together they made the window treatments for his room. The fabric she found matches the border in the room perfectly. I think it looks great. Here are some pictures of his room.

You can see part of the border here along with his crib, his cubbies that hold his clothes and some toys and the blanket that Grandma (Caleb's Mom) made, hanging on the wall.

Here is the view when you walk into the room. You can see the rocker, CD player for some soothing music and the little blue container on the bed has all of the diaper changing supplies.

And here are some of the latest pictures of the baby belly...these are taken at 38 weeks!

My poor vegetable garden did not seem to make it this year...I've said my good byes to the garden this year...I'll try again next year. BUT, some of my other plants are doing well - the ponytail palms I have in the front of the house and my jade plant look great. AND, I have two plumeria stalks that I planted that are now rooted and have a lot of leaf growth already. I did plant some lychee seeds recently and they've just sprouted but I'm not sure if they'll keep growing. This is my second time around trying to get a plant from some lychee seeds.
One of my ponytail palms from the front of the house.

My jade plant (there is another succulent plant in there too but the jade takes up the majority of the pot).

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Jamie said...

Wyatt's room is adorable! I love that it was a family effort. And your baby belly is too cute! I can't believe you only have a few more days left - so exciting!!