Monday, June 22, 2009

Testing out the new camera

Caleb has a new toy - Nikon D5000. Here are some shots taken with the camera below...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

35 weeks

35 weeks...and still growing! Caleb took this picture of me two days ago...little Wyatt is growing...the anticipation is almost too much! Last night we (yes, husbands were encouraged to attend) a Breastfeeding class that the Hospital offered. WOW - there is a lot to learn about breastfeeding. Breastmilk is amazing stuff. (Not to mention, free!) The istructor used the term, "Liquid Gold."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One project complete!

One of the projects I was hoping to get done was completed today! I finished making a soft seat for the bench near the front door at the house and also made new liners for the baskets that fit beneath the bench. I'm pleased with how it turned out :)

Baby Shower

I had a wonderful Baby Shower this Saturday! (The picture above is a diaper cake my Mom and Dad made - it's just too cute to take apart!!) It was so nice to have friends and family gather to get ready for Wyatt. Grandma Jean, Amy and Mom did such a great job transforming the house for the event and preparing a delicious buffet for everyone!! We played three games - guessing the name of a baby animal for the adult animal (example - did you know that a baby ferret is called a kit?? or that a baby penguin is a chick?), guess what's in the diaper (example - rattle, pacificer, etc), and a baby food taste test (yep, taste the baby food and try and guess what it is).
I also received some great gifts. I think Wyatt will be very well outfitted and should have everything he needs to be a happy baby!! Thank you to everyone who shared the special day with us. It was wonderful!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting ready . . .

Somehow I keep coming up with things in my mind that "need" to get done around the house. There are a few projects that I'd like to finish in the next week or so. A few involve trips to Joann Fabrics which means I need to keep my eyes open for coupons. Hopefully I'll get them done.

Dad helped plant a tree for Wyatt in the backyard on Sunday. It is a loquat tree so it will bear fruit in a few years. It was started from seed in the greenhouse a few years ago so it's a healthy plant. Here's what it will look like when it bears fruit: link

I've started doing my own version of aqua aerobics too. Moving too quickly or jerky movements has started to be a little painful in the belly area but swimming and moving around the pool is no problem at all. I use the water as resistance and try to focus on several different muscles. I figure at least it's better than nothing.
I went to a beautiful baby shower this past weekend too. A friend of mine, Jamie, is due just 3 weeks after me. She's having a little girl and the shower had a lovely garden theme and gorgeous decorations. It was such a fun shower - I think everyone there had a good time. And I'm so glad that Jamie was able to receive such nice gifts! Her daughter, Hannah, will be joining such a wonderful family!