Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dr. Results

Well...the visit from the Doctor's office this past Tuesday went well - I had to have a diabetes test done (standard test done for everyone) which made our visit to the Doctor a little longer than normal. First, I had to drink a very sugary liquid, then wait an hour. During the hour wait we had our regular visit and spoke to the Doctor, listened to the heart beat and also got a pediatrician recommendation. When it was my time...I had to get my blood drawn for the test. This time it was done laying down, not sitting up, and I'm pleased to share that I did NOT pass out :) Caleb was glad about that too. And, today I checked back with the Doctor's office about the results and everything was fine. Hooray, no gestational diabetes!

After the Office visit Caleb and I went to the Hospital to pre-register and take a tour. Winnie Palmer is such a nice facility. We were able to see a birthing room, a mother/baby room and test out the cafeteria. The room that I will stay in has its own bathroom and a murphy bed for Caleb! The Hospital seems to really try and make the birthing experience as nice as possible for Mom and baby.

Updates on the pregnancy...still getting bigger...and I can tell that Wyatt is getting bigger too. He's starting to find some crevices in my belly that sometimes doesn't feel so great to me, but as long as he is comfortable...I figure I've got somewhere between 7-11 more weeks before he's here!

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