Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So far so good...

I had another doctor appointment today and everything is going just as planned. No problems what so ever. I've gained a total of 23 pounds since the start of the pregnancy which is right on track - they recommend 25- 40 pounds. I haven't been able to determine where little Wyatt is positioned (some people I talk to say they can tell by feeling around the belly) but the doctor we visited today said his head is down. Which means it may be his little butt that is jamming into my ribs. That was her guess anyhow.

So, upcoming visits - I have three booked for June - one two weeks away, another two weeks after that and then another one week after that. June 30th I will have another ultrasound. Since Caleb was a 10 lb 15 oz baby boy, they want to check the size of Wyatt, just to see if he's taking after his Dad.

Monday, May 25, 2009

1 year anniversary!

It's so hard to believe that one year has already passed since we were married! We had a low key celebration - exchanged small gifts, went to Melting Pot for dinner and ate the top of the wedding cake! Surprisingly it was still very tasty :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

31 weeks and counting

This weekend marked the 31 week point...and the point when I'm just going to have to get used to being uncomfortable. I really haven't felt too bad up until this weekend (and it continues...) I'm starting to get some swelling in my feet - for whatever reason it's always my left foot more so than my right foot. Back pain is present about 40-50% of the day right now and there are several times a day when it feels like there's a foreign object jabbing my lower ribs. Night seems to be the worst. I can no longer sleep on my right side, it feels painful and now, I actually do get light headed if I try to sleep on my back. So, I result to sleeping only on my left side since laying on my belly is just out of the question. But, all in all, still enjoying the experience! I figure I have somewhere between 7 - 9 more weeks to go!

Caleb and I traveled to South Carolina (with the pugs) very early on Friday morning and got back on Sunday - trip took about 8 hours in the car which wasn't too bad. The pugs were VERY good considering they were in the back of the car and going to a new place. We stayed at a hotel that accepted dogs so it worked out well. My friend, Jen, got married on Saturday and I was glad to have been part of her special day as a bridesmaid. The whole event was really nice - nothing but the best to Jen and David!! Here are a few pictures from the wedding.
This is from the rehearsal dinner - I must say I'm looking a little bit large...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Technically this was my first Mother's Day - I even got a rose at church like all the other Moms. We had a get together with Caleb's mother and mine on Sunday - first stopped over at my sister-in-law's home for a late lunch then met up with my mother at Seasons 52 for dinner. (yum!) Here are some pictures from after dinner . . . and a view at the ole belly at 30 weeks. (Honestly, I think the baby grew a pound overnight - today I just feel heavy!)

Mom to be and Grandmother to be!

30 weeks

Friday, May 8, 2009


I've been neglecting to post some of the pictures I mentioned in earlier posts...so here's a post full of pictures ;)

These pictures are from 2 weekends ago when we had a picnic with Caleb's family at the park across the street. It was very windy that evening but it was a nice picnic dinner.

These are pictures from my Grandmother's 70th Surprise Birthday Party...after the initial surprise of family gathered for her birthday there was another surprise - a belly dancer!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dr. Results

Well...the visit from the Doctor's office this past Tuesday went well - I had to have a diabetes test done (standard test done for everyone) which made our visit to the Doctor a little longer than normal. First, I had to drink a very sugary liquid, then wait an hour. During the hour wait we had our regular visit and spoke to the Doctor, listened to the heart beat and also got a pediatrician recommendation. When it was my time...I had to get my blood drawn for the test. This time it was done laying down, not sitting up, and I'm pleased to share that I did NOT pass out :) Caleb was glad about that too. And, today I checked back with the Doctor's office about the results and everything was fine. Hooray, no gestational diabetes!

After the Office visit Caleb and I went to the Hospital to pre-register and take a tour. Winnie Palmer is such a nice facility. We were able to see a birthing room, a mother/baby room and test out the cafeteria. The room that I will stay in has its own bathroom and a murphy bed for Caleb! The Hospital seems to really try and make the birthing experience as nice as possible for Mom and baby.

Updates on the pregnancy...still getting bigger...and I can tell that Wyatt is getting bigger too. He's starting to find some crevices in my belly that sometimes doesn't feel so great to me, but as long as he is comfortable...I figure I've got somewhere between 7-11 more weeks before he's here!