Sunday, April 26, 2009

Computer - grr...

Yes...we've still had computer/internet issues since I last thought they were fixed. BUT, thanks to my lovely husband - he has solved the computer issues and we are now back in business for good. So - later this week I hope to post some pictures from this family packed weekend! Friday we had family down from Indiana and Saturday we took a trip to Sarasota for a surprise birthday party for my Grandmother.

Tuesday of this week I have another check up so, more news about the pregnancy will be here soon!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Posting Lapse...but here are pictures!

We'll we've been without internet use at the house for some time now...I'm using the computer at work right now to do some catching up with emails and a post. I should be back up to snuff at home by May 1st...but until then...

I wanted to share some pictures -

This is a shot of Caleb and I from the zoo a few weeks ago - they had an event at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford, FL where you paid a flat price then could walk around and have food and drinks from different local vendors throughout the zoo. It was a really nice event - with 8 different food vendors (there was plenty to eat!). There was a wine/beer option too which I could not enjoy, but Caleb could. They had wine and beer at every station as well. So it was basically an all you can eat/drink for a flat price. Plus you got to visit the zoo and see the animals, etc. We went with Mom and Dad - great evening. This is a shot of us next to the cougar...although I think the cougar got cut out of the picture. Somehow Caleb seems to be losing weight as I am gaining...

There were also several place throughout the zoo where they had live music playing. Toward the end we found these adirondack chairs and sat down to listen to some music and chow down on more food.

Two Fridays ago Caleb's brother, and my brother in law, was on Spring Break so I took a day off from work and we all went down to Tampa, FL to the Aquarium. I don't think I've ever been there so it was nice to visit someplace new. Here are a few pictures from our adventure...

And, for no reason other than I love the pugs, here is a picture of the pugs! They are sitting on the bench I got from Keith this past Christmas.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another visit

Had another Doctor visit this past Tuesday...everything is going just as it needs. I've gained a whopping 25 lbs already though - that's about a pound a week. Yikes!