Monday, March 2, 2009

The weekend is over...

But it was a news worthy weekend none the less.

When I got home on Thursday I had a package waiting for me! It was a gift from my pen pal, Becky! She had made a quilt for me (and the newborn). I love it...see pictures below. (In one picture you can see a bit of the front and the back and then a close up). She actually had the instructions for the quilt on her blog several weeks ago and I thought to myself, "What a cute quilt." Here is the *link* if anyone is interested.

Friday night (or early Saturday morning, take your pick), around 1:30am, Caleb discovered that the washing machine still have a full load of water sitting in the basin. It was not draining. AND, it would not respond to any turns of the dial. Basically whenever it got to the "drain" step in the cycle it just stopped. As he messed around with it, he eventually found some plastic piece that apparently had come from somewhere in the washer. By 2:30am he called it a night and would tackle it in the morning. And, true to his word, the next morning as I was a training, he was busy scooping all the water out, hauling out all of the soaking wet towels, taking apart the washing machine and then putting it back together. The best part of the whole's fixed! Thanks, Caleb!

Saturday evening we visited the Brantley Fair to get out and walk around a bit. We found some good people watching there...not so nice carny workers...and delicious funnel cake :)

Sunday was a special day because Caleb accompanied me to Church and then after service to watch my water baptism. It was a VERY cool day here in Florida (windy too) but it was a wonderful afternoon anyway. The event took place at the house of a couple's home and when we arrived they had a wonderful lunch prepared. After lunch, we sang a few songs (with live guitar accompaniment-sp?) and had prayer then we all went outside to the pool area. There were a total of four people who were baptized on Sunday - one of which was in my first Life Group, so I was glad to have been there to witness her baptism. I was the last of four to be water baptized but didn't really mind waiting. Below are a few pictures from the event. I'm so glad that my sister and Caleb were there!

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