Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vegetable update and Birthday pics

Here's the latest pictures on the growing vegetable garden. A few weeks ago (when we had another freeze) I had to move all of the little seeds inside so they sat warm and cozy in the house for a few days.

They have since been moved out of their little growing cups and into larger containers. The original plan was to have the containers elevated to reduce the amount of bending when I'll be bigger, but that may not happen. So, the garden itself is not pretty to look at, but what is inside will be great ;) Just look past the mismatch of containers, etc. The zucchini and beans seem to be growing really fast. The rest are following behind - tomatoes, peppers, squash (and my watermelon just sprouted so that will move to a bigger area soon)!

The growing area (they have lids to try and keep out squirrels and raccoons)




This past Saturday was Jackson's 2nd are a few pictures from the fun!

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