Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2nd Ultrasound Pictures

Caleb and I had another appointment today for the little one! Amy and Mom came along for the "big show." So now we know it is a little boy, he was moving around so much this morning as we were watching him on the screen. Today he had a healthy heartbeat of 162 and weighs about 14 oz. We saw his kidneys (2 of them), legs, feet, toes, brain, stomach, heart, skull, hands, arms and the umbilical cord. It seemed so surreal as we were watching this little human moving all around. I have yet to feel him move (surprisingly since he seemed quite active on the screen) but apparently my placenta is in front so it's an extra layer of padding. Below are some pictures of Wyatt Edward.

There are his two little feet (and his cute little toes)!

This is his side view, you can see his spine here.

Here's a picture of his whole body, the large thing on the left is one of his legs.

This is the view from the bottom of his butt. This is the shot they used to determine it was a little boy!


Kathy said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the little man! Can't wait to hold him in my arms!-Kathy

Steph said...

YAY! Congrats again on your little boy. I still can't make out those darn pictures. I was so nervous Katie would turn out to be a boy after we had planned everything for a girl. Just more pregnancy craziness...haha.

Aaron said...

These are GREAT pictures Jen!! His little toes are just too cute. I didn't know you had already picked out a name!! Apparently our little boys wil share a middle name!!

Lindsay said...

I love his name and the pictures. They are great! Can't wait to see more pics! :)