Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wyatt's first gift from Mom and Dad

Caleb and I went to the Altamonte Mall this Saturday and, on a whim, made a gift for Wyatt. (Caleb chose the clothes...but I would like to note that my vote was a Jaguar outfit).

There has been a lot of movement in my belly this weekend - he's getting more active, bigger and growing! Pregnancy is such a journey!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vegetable update and Birthday pics

Here's the latest pictures on the growing vegetable garden. A few weeks ago (when we had another freeze) I had to move all of the little seeds inside so they sat warm and cozy in the house for a few days.

They have since been moved out of their little growing cups and into larger containers. The original plan was to have the containers elevated to reduce the amount of bending when I'll be bigger, but that may not happen. So, the garden itself is not pretty to look at, but what is inside will be great ;) Just look past the mismatch of containers, etc. The zucchini and beans seem to be growing really fast. The rest are following behind - tomatoes, peppers, squash (and my watermelon just sprouted so that will move to a bigger area soon)!

The growing area (they have lids to try and keep out squirrels and raccoons)




This past Saturday was Jackson's 2nd are a few pictures from the fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Florida Girl

I love the warm weather. Out with the cold in with the warmth. If I had my way I'd have the windows open more often and the air conditioning set to 78 degrees when it got REALLY hot in the summer. But, a compromise has been made since I don't live alone...which works out well because then I get to get more use out of the porch.

Caleb and I have been attending a Parenting Group based on the book, "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. Parenting looks to be one of the most difficult things that both of us will start in just a few months. As we discuss the book and listen to other parents in the group it is a little overwhelming to say the least. Both of us agree that this book has done a great deal to encourage discussion between us and start talking about our parenting role. Even though I think we are taking the class a little prematurely (everyone else already has children) I am thankful for the discussion and feedback that develops. Hopefully we'll be able to apply it all when necessary!

P.S. My vegetables are growing nicely...I've moved most of them to a larger growing container already. I'll post some pictures this weekend.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2nd Ultrasound Pictures

Caleb and I had another appointment today for the little one! Amy and Mom came along for the "big show." So now we know it is a little boy, he was moving around so much this morning as we were watching him on the screen. Today he had a healthy heartbeat of 162 and weighs about 14 oz. We saw his kidneys (2 of them), legs, feet, toes, brain, stomach, heart, skull, hands, arms and the umbilical cord. It seemed so surreal as we were watching this little human moving all around. I have yet to feel him move (surprisingly since he seemed quite active on the screen) but apparently my placenta is in front so it's an extra layer of padding. Below are some pictures of Wyatt Edward.

There are his two little feet (and his cute little toes)!

This is his side view, you can see his spine here.

Here's a picture of his whole body, the large thing on the left is one of his legs.

This is the view from the bottom of his butt. This is the shot they used to determine it was a little boy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The weekend is over...

But it was a news worthy weekend none the less.

When I got home on Thursday I had a package waiting for me! It was a gift from my pen pal, Becky! She had made a quilt for me (and the newborn). I love it...see pictures below. (In one picture you can see a bit of the front and the back and then a close up). She actually had the instructions for the quilt on her blog several weeks ago and I thought to myself, "What a cute quilt." Here is the *link* if anyone is interested.

Friday night (or early Saturday morning, take your pick), around 1:30am, Caleb discovered that the washing machine still have a full load of water sitting in the basin. It was not draining. AND, it would not respond to any turns of the dial. Basically whenever it got to the "drain" step in the cycle it just stopped. As he messed around with it, he eventually found some plastic piece that apparently had come from somewhere in the washer. By 2:30am he called it a night and would tackle it in the morning. And, true to his word, the next morning as I was a training, he was busy scooping all the water out, hauling out all of the soaking wet towels, taking apart the washing machine and then putting it back together. The best part of the whole's fixed! Thanks, Caleb!

Saturday evening we visited the Brantley Fair to get out and walk around a bit. We found some good people watching there...not so nice carny workers...and delicious funnel cake :)

Sunday was a special day because Caleb accompanied me to Church and then after service to watch my water baptism. It was a VERY cool day here in Florida (windy too) but it was a wonderful afternoon anyway. The event took place at the house of a couple's home and when we arrived they had a wonderful lunch prepared. After lunch, we sang a few songs (with live guitar accompaniment-sp?) and had prayer then we all went outside to the pool area. There were a total of four people who were baptized on Sunday - one of which was in my first Life Group, so I was glad to have been there to witness her baptism. I was the last of four to be water baptized but didn't really mind waiting. Below are a few pictures from the event. I'm so glad that my sister and Caleb were there!