Friday, February 27, 2009

Updates around the house

Caleb has figured out how the spa/hot tub works and has been enjoying it all week when he gets home from work. (Apparently it needed a new breaker??? Or something along those lines...) Right now I'm just putting my feet in. We don't have a thermometer to test the temperature of the water so I'll stay out for now. Most things I read recommend nothing higher than 100 degrees for the pregos. (That's Brantley in the picture)

I am excited to share that I ALREADY have some sprouts on the seeds I planted!! The lettuce has little sprouts and one of the cucumber sprouts just broke the top of the soil. I think that the beans are not far behind. It is so exciting to see and care for the plants. (And even better when the fruit or vegetable is ready to eat, but I need to wait for that.)

We have several trees in our front yard - three of which are a similar variety. I've been trying to figure out what kind it is though because it produces these beautiful bright yellow flowers. Right now the tree has no leaves, so that's no help, but I did go online and tried to find a flower that looked similar. I think it is a "Silver Trumpet Tree."
Here are pictures I took of the flowers and of the bud:

Here are links where I found info on the tree.
Link #1
Link #2
I'm pretty sure that's it. The bright yellow brightens up the front of the house a bit and I just love when I pull up to the driveway and I see yellow flowers scattered on the grass. It looks so peaceful.

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