Sunday, February 22, 2009

Been behind on the posts

This month has been a little sparse with the posts so I hope to bring everyone up to speed on the goings on around here.

I've started my vegetable garden, again. I actually started it a few weeks ago...but for different reasons they were ruined so I've tried again. I've decided to start everything from seed this year. Last year I started most things from a small plant I bought at the store, this is year is all seeds. So far I've got the following seeds planted: cucumber, zucchini, squash, tomato, string bean, lettuce and bell pepper. I hope to add watermelon to that list very soon. Since I've started everything by seed (and Caleb and I are only two people) I didn't use all the seeds I have, so if anyone is interested in some seeds for a garden, let me know! Here's a pic of my little seedlings. No sprouts yet!

I'm also pleased to share with all the joy I have with Christ in my life! It has been a great weekend for me which began on Thursday when I accompanied some of the girls from HighPoint
to a Joyce Meyer conference. It was there that I declared that I had accepted Christ in my life. Saturday, while doing my typical Saturday chores and such it gave me a chance to think, reflect and study a little more about my new path. And, this Sunday, the service at Church was just a reaffirmation that this is the right path. I have a lot ahead of me but I am so glad that I have the right focus now.

Caleb mentioned the other day that we have only a few more days left until we find out the sex of our baby! And that is so true...March 3rd will be the day! I am looking forward to that day (even though they will have to take more blood...) My sister and Mom are planning on joining us to that appointment so they'll be able to see the sonogram too. (Apparently my office encourages family members to participate)

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Jen B said...

Jen - words can not express how happy I am to read this post! When I was working at the Gwinnett Center we hosted a Joyce Meyers event and I know just how emotional and wonderful it is to see all of the people who make the life long committment to Christ at her event. I can't even think about it without tears coming to my eyes! What a wonderful birthday present you have given me this year. Now I know, I will be with you in heaven, spending eternity with our Lord and Savior!