Sunday, October 26, 2008

a few things of note...

Well, I'm just not in the mood to write a whole lot but I suppose I do have things to write:

1. Friday Caleb and I put an offer in on the house we've visited three times...we are waiting to hear the response.

2. Had to work a bit on Saturday but it ended well because my Grandparents were visiting from Sarasota. We did our best to play Euchre after dinner... I'd have to say I like the game and look forward to playing again!

3. My Grandparents also accompanied Amy and I to church Sunday morning - there was a guest speaker who I thought was great. You should be able to listen online, I think it will be uploaded by Monday.

4. Caleb and I joined his family at the Fall Festival Sunday evening at Sanlando church... It was very similar to last year's festival...but it's really for kids and they all seemed to have fun. I think it would be more fun if we had our own to take to the Festival. I think it must be overwhelming for kids who have too many people around that want to interact with them. One day though...

5. After the Festival I went to my friend Leah's house for her Halloween Party. She did some great planning - there were several games and activities for the kids and a nice area for adults to talk. She also has friends who can cook and bake great things :) Yum!

6. Unfortunately, the Jaguars lost today. I can't say that I got to watch the game but I did catch the last 30 seconds or so online (it wasn't televised). But, next week is another week.

7. In the middle of everything else this weekend we are trying to gather items for our trip to Malaysia. There are just a few days left!

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kelly said...

Do you want my Black House White Market dress to try?