Thursday, October 30, 2008

A few more notes....

I've got a list of things again...takes a little less thought since it is 3:30amEST and I'm not sure if this will be understandable.

1. We didn't get the house. The plan is to leave it alone for now. The counter offer came back and we decided just to let it be.

2. The puggies were dropped off at Bow-Wow Resort today...I hope they don't forget us!

3. Since Caleb and I will be in Singapore for the election we DID send in our absentee ballots. I can officially say I voted!

4. Our wedding album has finally arrived! I met the photographer on Tuesday to get came out well, I'd love to share if anyone is interested :)

4.5. I'll have to say that I haven't really understood the whole travel pillow thing that people put around their neck. Caleb just bought one that you blow up though and I must say it is GREAT. It alleviates a lot of the pressure from your neck as you try to sleep in the tiny space on a plane. Highly recommended. He got his at Travel Country; the best part about it is that it is compact when not in use.

5. Strangest thing happened on our flight to LA today - met the Mom of a UF defensive player (saw pictures and all of her son and Tebow, etc. It all started b/c I had on Caleb's Gator sweatshirt and so began the connection. After talking with her a few minutes and looking at all of her pictures she offered us a free drink so, 'tada!' one glass of white wine each. THEN, at the end of the flight she comes over and gives us a whole bottle! Unfortunately, we can't bring it on our next flight so I gave it to my friend Ginger and her husband John whom we met for a bite to eat at our layover in LAX.

6. Speaking of our layover in LAX...the departure time was just postponed because of fog. So we are sitting here, waiting another 90 minutes before they will start boarding. It will be about 5am EST by the time we board...thus starts the LONG flight....


Leah said...

Sorry about the house. I know how stressful that whole thing can be. I can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!

Tracy said...

Oh noooo... So sorry to hear about the house. You'll find one even better though!
I feel your pain... we just put an offer on a house too. But it's a short sale so now we have to sit and wait and it may be up to 90 days before we know. And if the answer is no, we will be so disappointed. But I keep reminding myself the same thing I said to you. There will be something even better if this doesn't work. There has to be!