Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bell Pepper Pics

Well...this took longer for me to put these pictures up than I thought, but I can still share. Over the past couple days they actually ripened, so I've shown both. The first is the three bell peppers from this past Monday and then the following picture was taken on Wednesday - they are ripening and almost ready to pick! (Yes, they are supposed to be yellow.)

This weekend I had the opportunity to babysit Sergio's daughter who was precious. She was honestly the easiest baby ever. K was just so happy to have a playmate and didn't seemed bothered by a thing. Thanks to Caleb for the advice on how to change a diaper...yes, I do have a few things to learn before I have my own. OR a LOT to learn when I have my first!

Caleb and I went to visit the "perfect" house again this weekend. This was the third visit we've made. We've had several discussions about it and we know it's NOT REALLY perfect...but it's the best fit for us thus far. We are keeping our options open though. We visited 4 other houses this weekend too. We just keep coming back to this ONE...We are in no rush to buy though, so we're taking our time.

I've also just put together our first wedding album. Since we just got the CDs back from the photographer, I have printed a BUNCH and just inserted them into an album that was a wedding gift from family. I haven't started the Scrapbook yet...I'm getting to it though. I'll be bringing it with me for a while to share...ask for it if you see me!


Aaron said...

COOL! Maybe one day, when your garden is thriving in the backyard of your dreams, I will eat some of your veggies in a salad...or something like that. Hey, maybe we could make some homemade baby food for Aaron with your veggies! Congrats Jen :)

Leah said...

Looks great! Are you getting anything from the tomato plant yet? Those hot pepper plants I got from the Farmer's Market are big producers. We've gotten about 20 peppers already.