Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who doesn't like potluck?

The knitting girls and I had a potluck last night and it was delicious as always. There's something wonderful about eating a variety of foods (and in the case of a potluck, foods that you wouldn't necessarily eat together in the same meal, but since it's a potluck you say, "Sure! What the heck!") Funny and true story - we had 4 different kinds of hummus as part of our spread. I made my own, Leah made her own, Lindsay made her own and Linda brought one she had bought. They were all very different, but all very yummy too. Yesterday was also Lindsay's last Tuesday Knitting Night here in Florida...she's moving to Michigan this weekend. She'll be missed dearly. (I'm already looking forward to her visit in February...)

And, I suppose I should comment on the Jaguar loss from Sunday...Nope...I'm just going to look ahead to this Sunday. (Look for me in the stands with Caleb by the way, we'll be there!)



Buffalo 7 3 0 10 20 Final

Jacksonville 0 3 10 3 16


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Tracy said...

Are you bringing the dogs with you?? I just got back from my pet photography workshop in Seattle...
hint hint.