Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend in Indiana

Caleb and I went to Indiana this weekend to visit family. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. The trip was just the right amount of time too - we had a chance to make a short visit with lots of people - Grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles, etc. It was interesting for me too see where Caleb's Dad got some of his character after meeting more of his family. AND, I saw some of his parent's old stomping ground since they went to the same high school. (I'll post pics later this week)

I also learned some more about my husband on this trip.
1. Don't rent the smallest car on a weekend trip. (Don't pick the cheapest)
2. Show up at least an hour early to the gate. (That means be at the gate an hour early, not check in counter)
3. Board when you're told to board the plane. (Which means don't wait until the last call to board)

So we have some different ideas on traveling...but I guess that's part of learning about your spouse ;)

Caleb and I also went to the Jaguar game on Sunday in Indianapolis. (Which I found out was inappropriately being called the"Colts Game" to everyone up in Indiana.) AND, yes, I wore my Jaguar jersey to the game amidst the sea of bright blue Colt jerseys. But it was a GREAT game - Jags win it in the last seconds of the game. I just remember how quiet the stadium got when Scobee kicked the winning field goal. And I was out of my seat cheering. Go Jags!

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Tracy said...

lol... so my comment on your last blog post was kinda... uhhh... wrong. Since the game wasn't here and all...
Someday I want to meet your pugs!!!!!