Monday, September 1, 2008


My friend Jen was in town from Atlanta this weekend - I had the chance to hang out with her a bit on Sunday afternoon. She is just recently engaged! Congrats, Jen! Her fiance, David, is a lucky guy! I've known Jen since middle school and look forward to many more years!! It's always a very short visit though...but I guess that keeps you wanting more to visit for next time :)

Friends and I tried a new place on Sunday night - Drunken Money Coffee Bar. (don't let the name be misleading...I don't even think they serve alcohol!) They were going to play the movie, Dress to Kill, but they had some audio problems and ended up showing, The Science of Sleep. Unfortunately there was a little too much chatter in there to actually hear the movie so we didn't stay for the whole thing. BUT - I highly recommend the food there. They have some delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes (and the regular stuff too). I tried a vegan version of Paella and it was they offer sweetened condensed milk with their lattes - yummo!! We were told they make everything from scratch. I will definitely go back.

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