Monday, September 8, 2008

The Jaguar Season has started!

Well, I can't say the Jag season started off fabulously -right now we're basically tied for last place in the AFC. The Titans are the only team that got a W this week. Everyone else had a loss (yes, even the Colts) . . . but nonetheless the season has started. And that's something to get excited about. So, here's to a better game on next Sunday!

Tennessee 17, Jacksonville 10



Jacksonville 0 7 0 3 10 Final

Tennessee 3 7 0 7 17



Tracy said...

I knew football was here when we lost half the softball team yesterday. First time we've forfeited EVER. : (
We were supposed to be done but the rain killed us this summer. Wish you were still here to play ball with us...

Tracy said...

ps. Thanks for the nice comment on the blog... it's coming slowly. I actually now have a color version of the logo and it's FANTASTIC! But I'm going to work on my business cards and then debut it when I'm done... Yay!!!

Bearette24 said...

Hi! Visiting from Tracy's blog...I love that baby sweater in the picture...any way you could send me the pattern? Thanks!!!