Saturday, August 30, 2008

Other items of note...

My friend Jen sent me the book shown below, "The Shack" - I've just finished it and highly recommend it! It is a book that will get you thinking...and I think it would make an inspiring movie. Not that I'm a fan of all books that are made into movies...but I think this would be great.

Hurricane season is still in full swing...we have gotten so much rain in the past week and a half already. It looks like there is little respite in the near future - several systems are headed in our direction as I type and even if they don't hit us dead on I'm positive we'll get some of the outside bands of rain.

The countdown for the start of the NFL season can be counted on one hand! There are 5 days until Game 1 for 2008. (BTW, College Football started today...on the off days for the NFL Caleb and I will watch pretty much every Gator Football game - Go Gators!) Football season is a time when it is too easy to consume too many and football just go hand in hand!

I have also signed up for yet another gym. This is the third gym I've been a member of in less than 2 years. For one reason or another I always start off pretty strong once I sign up, and then it just fizzles (or becomes too expensive), so I cancel membership. Well, the latest gym is Planet Fitness and it is the cheapest by far. Granted, it is a bare bones place to workout. It only has the basics, no frills. What prompted this most recent surge to work out? Well, I accompanied my sister as she took a tour of another gym in our area (she eventually signed up there) but during the tour we took a body fat percentage test. It shocked me to learn that my body fat percentage is at an all time high. I can not recall a time when it has been higher. (Ever since college I've been evaluating myself at least every year and a half so I can monitor my health). Thus, I'm a member of yet another gym. My goal, is not to necessarily lose weight, just decrease the total amount of fat on my body. In a sense, it could result in actually gaining a few pounds. But, if it is healthier overall, I'm in.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Red Pepper...Football around the corner

Here's the latest harvest from my vegetable container garden. So far I've only gotten one red pepper but it's healthy! All of the rain we have been getting lately seems to have slowed the growing process - not enough sunlight!

I've started a few seeds on the porch and only have three sprouts so far - pepper, lettuce and tomato. (tomato is the biggest) Right now I've got them in little plastic Dixie cups but will transfer them into a bigger container once they are ready.

AND, for those who are just as excited as I am - there are less than two weeks to go for the NFL Season Opening Game and just over two weeks for the Jaguars first game against the Titans in Tennessee. Hard to believe another season is starting again...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Harvest

I've harvested two more veggies - a tomato and a yellow pepper. (Yes, it finally turned yellow!) The red pepper just started turning red so it should be ready to pick in a few days. AND, I've got another tomato on the way!

Here are a few pics from this past Tuesday night. It's been nice having the "Tuesday Night Knitting Club" at Rainforest Coffee Company not only because it is close (for me at least), but they also have a great selection of food and drinks.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tea and Sweet Potatoes

Nope, that that kind of tea...more like tea and crumpets tea. The Grand Floridian Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World has a small area inside the Hotel where tea is served (called the Garden View Lounge).
Garden View Lounge
Turn back the clock to the genteel tradition of sipping an afternoon tea. Tea cakes and other traditional tantalizing treats accompany a wide selection of tasty teas. Your afternoons will never be the same.

The Garden View Lounge serves the tea in dainty tea cups, tea pots and small serving plates. The finger sandwiches don't come with a crust so you know you're some place special :) They serve several varieties of tea (black, white, green, herbal) and have a great variety of sandwiches and desserts. The scones were really good of the best I've had. Strangely, I found myself sitting straight in my chair...I went with friends from Knitting...and yes, we did try our best at keeping that pinky up while we sipped!

This is our best shot at trying to look sophisticated and uppity. We are completely disinterested in the tea and are only there because 'muffy' is at the groomers.

with Angela!

Kelly and I trying on some Disney Ears!

Michelle and I were listening to the pianist and live band on the second floor railing. The music is played throughout the day and gives the entire Hotel a calm and relaxing feeling.

Too cute, Jen!!

And here's a shot of just smiles
I'm very proud of my Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries - I made them this evening to go with the veggie burgers. They turned out just perfect!
Use 2 medium sized sweet potatoes, cut into shoestring/french fry size
Toss with about 1/4 c olive oil
sprinkle in some salt, paprika and cinnamon to taste
Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Veggie update and Pugs!!

It has been a while since I've posted a few of my two favorites right now - my container garden vegetables and my three little pugs...

Here are two of my peppers right now...they are really getting big (and healthy too!) I'm waiting for the rounder one to turn red and the longer one to turn yellow...

Here is Emmett looking handsome on the porch...he never wants to left out so keeps a close eye on you!

This is Brantley lounging around on the porch. You know she's relaxed when that tongue of hers is sticking out...

Paris always takes a while to walk out on the porch. She doesn't like the doggy door so I leave the sliding door open a bit in case she gets the urge to walk on out.