Friday, July 4, 2008

More vegetables & Red Hot and Boom!

So, I've got a few more vegetables growing in my garden! I'm very excited about the bell pepper, it should be a yellow color when it's ripe. I also have a red bell pepper plant but there are only a few flowers on it right now. I've got a total of 4 beans though...just debating on when to pick them. The tomatoes are growing well but there are no more flowers so my tomato harvest may be over for the season.

Caleb and I went to Red, Hot and Boom last night at Crane's Roost in Altamonte with the interns from work, Qu and Zeng, and met Kelly, Lindsay and Mike there. Everyone told me there was going to be a lot of people there so I was mentally prepared for big crowds. We found a nice spot under a tree and sat on our blanket, people watched for a while and half listened to the bands they had playing until the fireworks at 9:30pm. Unfortunately, our spot under the tree wasn't the best for seeing all of the fireworks but we got the idea. Next time we'll know where to sit...(IF we go again that is - my parents said they sat in the Home Depot/Target parking lots with lots of other families who were grilling out and saw the same ones we did. That might be a good idea for next year and eliminate all of the crowds!)

I will have to say that I was a little taken back at how little emphasis there was on actually celebrating the 4th of July. I was expecting a lot more fanfare with the red, white and blue, patriotic songs and seas of patriotic shirts. Not the case. None of the music performed before the fireworks were patriotic and I only recall a few songs during the firework show that sang out about the red, white and blue. Now that I think about it I don't even recall seeing one American Flag. Could it be because it was actually the 3rd of July and not really the 4th? Doubt it. I'm thinking I might feel better next year if I did sit in the Home Depot/Target parking lot and just popped a John Philip Sousa CD in the stereo. Anyone interested?

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