Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brain Game

I've read several articles on how it is important to keep your brain active. Here is one game that can help with that - Caleb has become somewhat of an 'ADD-ict'


Also, I've harvested some more on my vegetable plants - the count is up to 6 green beans and three tomatoes. I've got three peppers that are growing right now - they are supposed to be yellow and red peppers. Right now they look ripe and ready to pick but they are only green. I did some searching on the web and found out that they will turn the yellow color and red color if I keep waiting. Apparently, the green peppers are the 'unripe' peppers. So...I'm waiting...

AND, for any football fans....
There are only 46 days until the 2008-2009 NFL Season Starts! (Sept 4th!)

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