Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Weather + Cold Watermelon = YUM!

There's almost nothing better on a hot day than cooling off with some cold watermelon...and the pugs got a little bit this weekend after a walk in Florida's 90 degree weather. De-lish!
Emmett is in blue, Paris is in red and Brantley is in green.

Amy and I went to Winter Park this Saturday to do some shopping...and took a few shots in the park next door. AND, I tested out my camera in the water for the first disclaimer though on the picture below - the fountain had murky water, so it wasn't clear...I'll do some more tests with underwater pictures. The camera has the capability to go 31 feet deep.

We also met up with Caleb's cousin, Dustin, who is based in Jax right now...and then had a few chips and margaritas at Amigos down the street...every weekend should end with a margarita!!

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