Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Weekend ;)

Caleb and I actually went somewhere on Friday night - another Howl at the Moon adventure. We joined Kelly, Chad, Melody and Brad there for a few hours...a note to future Howl at the Moon visitors: they don't know a lot of Neil Diamond songs. But, with all the excitement there and the Fairy Tale Themed Friday night, the Coors Girls passing out giveaways and the radio station I won a T-shirt ...unfortunately, I think I left it there...It was nice to be somewhat social's easy to get into a rut.

AND, Saturday morning we did a little canoeing with the interns from work and Mom and her Starfish at Wekiwa Springs State Park. Little did I know that Caleb was an expert canoer (<---is that a word?)...he basically rowed the entire trip. I occasionally put my paddle in the water for good measure but other than that it was all Caleb. We saw lots of turtles, fish, birds and....the most exciting animal of ALLIGATOR!!! It was literally a foot away from our canoe. So close we could have touched him. He hissed at us though and even though my camera was sitting on my lap I froze and didn't get a, nothing to show for it, but honestly he was there. (at least a six footer!)

Saturday night we were under the bright lights of the baseball field. The game actually went 15 innings!!! There is a summer league for college baseball players (called the Florida Collegiate Summer League) in the area so we went to one their games - the best part is it's free. Cameron and Sage came with and won some prizes - Sage ran the bases and both boys did the dizzy bat game (see the video below). Games run through July and the early part of August. They play practically every day of the week so try a game for a change!

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