Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shower and Dog Park

This Saturday was my Bridal Shower - Amy, Mom and my Grandmother did such a lovely job decorating and offering a yummy selection of goodies for everyone...Thank you to everyone who contributed to my special event. It is a strange feeling to be the center of attention and have so many gifts given to you...nonetheless, it's fun :) The first thing I saw when I walked in was this "cake"...

Look's made out of towels! (bath towels on the bottom, hand towels in the middle and face towels on the top) AND, if you look closely, she has our faces on the people on top of the cake. My Aunt from NH made it last time she visited so it would already be here for the shower. Amazing! She's so creative!

I'll have more pictures of the shower later...Mom is burning me a CD of them so I'll have them to keep.

This Sunday Caleb and I met Angela at the Dog Park in Apopka so the pups could play...The pugs are so funny. Angela brought Dudley who is looking for a home. She is only temporarily caring for him...If anyone is looking: he's a little over a year old...pit/basset/jack russel mix. Very loving little boy!! When we got home the pugs were tuckered out...they're out like a light as I type.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Escapes

A friend sent this to me and I just had to share! If you have a mischievous dog I think you'll appreciate it! (Thanks, Jen B!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Five Love Languages

Caleb and I are in the middle of our pre-marital sessions with his Grandfather who will be officiating our wedding - we have one more left. The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman was recommended for us to read and discuss which we did, and I encourage anyone else who is married or in a serious relationship to do the same. Here's a link to a quiz that helps you hone in on your Love Language:

My primary love language is Acts of Service...Caleb's is Words of Affection...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The View

Here's a look at what we've got in our "backyard" now. I put that in quotes because we are on the second floor and don't really have a backyard. I guess it's more like the view behind the building. Anyhow, we get to enjoy it. Occasionally (and I'm finding that with each day getting closer to summer it is less often) there is a nice breeze that comes off the lake which is great. It's nice to open up the sliding door to the porch. (Now if those pugs could only stop barking at EVERY person or animal that passed...)

Disregard the Christmas lights...they were here when we moved in...and just haven't taken them down yet!

Monday, April 7, 2008

More pics and baby block

A few more pictures from this weekend...

And, I FINALLY finished the baby block. Does it look like a block or more like a misshaped circle? I'd say more like a misshaped circle. Oh well, it's a good thing I'm not a perfectionist! The block below is taken from a few different sides. I'm sure a baby will love it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blue Springs State Park

This weekend was Caleb's family reunion (mother's side) at Blue Springs State Park. Friday night we went there for the evening did the introductions for those I haven't met yet and had a simple dinner of hot dogs cooked on the grill. And, of course, since we were using the grills anyhow, we did have the ever famous S'mores. We left that evening and returned on Saturday morning to spend time with the family. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I felt very comfortable around his family which was reassuring. It rained off and on during the weekend but it really was not too much of a hindrance. I did get a little card playing in this weekend (learned how to play Wizard) and helped with building a campfire back up after the rain on Saturday evening. We also got to toss the frisbee around for a bit - I think it's probably been a few years since I picked a frisbee up but I wasn't too rusty. We also got to see two manatee in the river - a mom and her calf. Sunday afternoon we all went to Charity and Don's for lunch which was wonderful as always. Overall I'd say it was a great weekend- it was nice not to have access to the tv and computer and laundry and pugs and everything else that usually takes up my weekend. (The pugs were being watched by a friend of Caleb's this weekend.) I did find out that Caleb's family (or at least his Mom's side) is just about as quirky as my Mom's that's comforting :) How many families do you know of that will sing and play games with a huge rainbow parachute in the front yard while the neighbors look on? Yep, I guess my family isn't as weird as I thought....Anyhow, thanks to all who contributed to a great weekend. I'm looking forward to getting to know my new family better.