Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 15 & random thoughts

Great win today for the Jaguars...(and a great win for me in the fantasy football league)...



Jacksonville 3 7 12 7 29 Final

Pittsburgh 0 7 0 15 22


Caleb and I went to the Orlando Christmas Parade this past Saturday and I must say that it seems like the parade going experience has changed a lot. Or at least from what I remember... We got their early with the two interns from work to make sure we could stake out a good spot on the curb - and about an hour before the parade started, there were at least a dozen people selling cheap toys from a cart, walking up and down the street. Now, my recollection of a parade involved some type of security personnel keeping people on the side of the road and preventing people from crossing the road in the middle of the parade. Not the case at this particular parade. There were people running across the street in between floats/cars and children literally running in the street to gather candy that didn't reach the curb - keep in mind there are large floats and cars in the parade that this children are running in front of - I just couldn't believe that parents were allowing their children to run in the streets during a parade - granted I did not witness anyone get run over...but I did witness a little girl trip and fall on her way out to gather candy, resulting in a skinned knee. This aside, the parade was nice - I haven't been to one in years and it was fun to watch one again - we did take a few pictures while we were in downtown Orlando - one featured below...

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