Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 14 & Christmas fun

Well, first things first - Jaguars win today . . . VERY NICE . . .



Carolina 0 6 0 0 6 Final

Jacksonville 7 3 10 17 37


This week Mom and I went to a silent auction event to benefit the Alzheimer Resource Center in Orlando - the auction was for Christmas wreaths - there were at least 30 to bid on, in so many different colors/themes. There was a Florida Gator wreath with orange and blue lights, a few "dog" wreaths with chew bones and squeak toys as decorations on the wreath, there were purple wreaths, teal wreaths, lighted wreaths, a Neil Diamond inspired wreath (specifically made for the song, "Forever in Blue Jeans"), a Harry Potter inspired wreath (made by one of my friends in the knitting group), a Hershey's chocolate wreath and so many more! My mother and I both left with two wreaths - mine are pictured below - as you can tell I went the more traditional route. (Both of Mom's wreaths were food inspired - one decorated with different candies, the other with gingerbread men.) The best part of the auction was bidding and then checking back to see if your bid was still the highest - and bidding again is someone had outbid you, then checking back again to see if you were still the highest.

And while I'm on the Christmas theme - we've got our little tree up and the fireplace decorated for the season - notice the gifts are on the mantle - don't want the little pugs open the presents early!

Saturday there was a Christmas boat parade on Bear Lake behind our house - so Caleb's family and nephews came over to see the parade - we had a little cookout with hot dogs and smores in the backyard. There were only about 8 boats in the parade but it was fun none the less.

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