Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Buche de Noel

Here's my first attempt at a Buche de Noel - recipe courtesy of my Aunt up in didn't turn out too nice, but I thought it still tasted good ;) (It is supposed to look like a log.) I'll try again next year....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 16 and Tennis!

I won't say much more than - GO JAGS!!! (Put another tally in the W column!)



Oakland 0 3 0 8 11 Final

Jacksonville 14 14 7 14 49


Well, for those of you who have been hearing me talk about trying tennis - I'm all signed up and registered for a class that will be starting in the beginning of January. After talking to several people about their opinions regarding individual classes vs. group classes, I decided to go with the group class. I need to figure out if I really enjoy the sport, first! So...more to come on that!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


My co-worker has given me a great house cleaning tip this past week. Selma told me that she has been washing her shower curtain in the laundry machine for years - well, I tried it today, followed all of her instructions (wash w/ laundry detergent and a little bleach) and it came out looking better than brand new! It even has a little shine to it now. :)

I also finished a scarf I've been working on for my friend Shraddha in CA - It's going in the mail tomorrow - I wanted to document what the finished product was but no one was home, so I had to take a picture using the timer on the camera. (And, coincidentally, another friend in CA called me just as the picture was about to take - that's alright, the focus was supposed to be on the scarf.) I chose to make the scarf a little thinner than usual - I used two different yarns: Karabella Merino Wool (light gray) and Tahki Scoop for the accent color. I'm pleased with how it turned out ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bux is online!

Hooray! The Bux is now online...(actually I may be a little behind the times on how long this has been available but I've just recently discovered it online)...Now if they could only deliver my double short, vanilla, non-fat, no foam, latte to my doorstep - Good thing I've got my handy espresso maker in the kitchen :)

Visit the Bux (or Starbucks for those who are confused) online!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 15 & random thoughts

Great win today for the Jaguars...(and a great win for me in the fantasy football league)...



Jacksonville 3 7 12 7 29 Final

Pittsburgh 0 7 0 15 22


Caleb and I went to the Orlando Christmas Parade this past Saturday and I must say that it seems like the parade going experience has changed a lot. Or at least from what I remember... We got their early with the two interns from work to make sure we could stake out a good spot on the curb - and about an hour before the parade started, there were at least a dozen people selling cheap toys from a cart, walking up and down the street. Now, my recollection of a parade involved some type of security personnel keeping people on the side of the road and preventing people from crossing the road in the middle of the parade. Not the case at this particular parade. There were people running across the street in between floats/cars and children literally running in the street to gather candy that didn't reach the curb - keep in mind there are large floats and cars in the parade that this children are running in front of - I just couldn't believe that parents were allowing their children to run in the streets during a parade - granted I did not witness anyone get run over...but I did witness a little girl trip and fall on her way out to gather candy, resulting in a skinned knee. This aside, the parade was nice - I haven't been to one in years and it was fun to watch one again - we did take a few pictures while we were in downtown Orlando - one featured below...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Special Day...

December 13th is a day to remember - Caleb and I are officially engaged ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 14 & Christmas fun

Well, first things first - Jaguars win today . . . VERY NICE . . .



Carolina 0 6 0 0 6 Final

Jacksonville 7 3 10 17 37


This week Mom and I went to a silent auction event to benefit the Alzheimer Resource Center in Orlando - the auction was for Christmas wreaths - there were at least 30 to bid on, in so many different colors/themes. There was a Florida Gator wreath with orange and blue lights, a few "dog" wreaths with chew bones and squeak toys as decorations on the wreath, there were purple wreaths, teal wreaths, lighted wreaths, a Neil Diamond inspired wreath (specifically made for the song, "Forever in Blue Jeans"), a Harry Potter inspired wreath (made by one of my friends in the knitting group), a Hershey's chocolate wreath and so many more! My mother and I both left with two wreaths - mine are pictured below - as you can tell I went the more traditional route. (Both of Mom's wreaths were food inspired - one decorated with different candies, the other with gingerbread men.) The best part of the auction was bidding and then checking back to see if your bid was still the highest - and bidding again is someone had outbid you, then checking back again to see if you were still the highest.

And while I'm on the Christmas theme - we've got our little tree up and the fireplace decorated for the season - notice the gifts are on the mantle - don't want the little pugs open the presents early!

Saturday there was a Christmas boat parade on Bear Lake behind our house - so Caleb's family and nephews came over to see the parade - we had a little cookout with hot dogs and smores in the backyard. There were only about 8 boats in the parade but it was fun none the less.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 13 and technology ;(

Jags had a loss on Sunday against the Colts - they just didn't play their best which is what you've got to do to beat the Colts. Good game...


Jacksonville 0 7 7 11 25 Final

Indianapolis 14 7 0 7 28

I have had several technological mishaps this past week - I accidentally deleted one of Caleb's work files and then desperately tried to restore it with some program I found on the internet but no luck. (He was not very happy at all.) Then, my cell phone died (had to get a new one which is always a chore b/c they try and get you to sign two year contracts) - the charger connection broke so the phone can no longer charge (lost a few phone numbers that weren't saved to my SIM card . . . sorry if I don't call!) THEN, mysteriously, all of my bookmarks disappeared on my internet connection! So I'm starting from square one there too. my mother says, "Technology is great as long as it works." I'll use another quote from my mother to describe this past week - "Never a dull moment."

I'm going for a walk.