Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pug Halloween

This year I made the attempt to dress the pugs up as mummies for Halloween. After I got them dressed though...I decided they looked more like injured dogs than mummies. Their costumes came off.

2005 Halloween Costumes were much better - Emmett was a Jaguar football player and Brantley was a Jaguar cheerleader.

And before that, in 2004 they were characters from the Wizard of Oz - Brantley was Dorothy and Emmett was the Cowardly Lion.

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Brian, Yvonne, & Liam said...

Cute, Funny, and Horrific all at the same time!! Dogs are so fun....

Speaking of dogs, Liam Yvonne and I are soon to be the proud parents of a German Shepard Puppy! They are only 5-6 weeks now, so we hope to have her home by New years!!