Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 11 & other ramblings

The Jaguars were on their game today - Garrard was back and was very impressive after a three week absence. One more in the W column - 24 - 17 Sorry San Diego...Go Jags!

In other news...I have been growing a pineapple plant in the front yard, waiting patiently for it to ripen. I noticed the other week that it was just about ready (getting nice and yellow) but I told myself, "I'm going to give it one more day." Well, apparently a raccoon in the area was keeping an eye on my little fruit plant as well - Caleb walked out to the driveway the other day and caught the little bugger enjoying MY PINEAPPLE!! He instantly ran away but now I will never know how delicious my pineapple was. It probably was pretty tasty since the raccoon ate the fruit down to the nub -Here's a similar picture of what my pineapple looked like:

And here is what was left of my plant after the raccoon enjoyed it.

In Thanksgiving news we have a number of family members coming to my parents house to visit - probably the most in our family's Thanksgiving history - estimating 22 people. Needless to say, mom is a little stressed. There are some who will be staying at their house, others will be at my brother's places (since he's got several at the moment). I am looking forward to see everyone though, I haven't seen my father's parents or a few cousins who will be visiting in about 8 years! Pictures will be posted after this week I'm sure :)


Brian said...

Jags are OK, But the PATRIOTS are the Balls!!!! Go New England!!!

Going to watch Monday night? I will!!

Alohalwhite said...

WOW! Great news!