Friday, November 30, 2007

OMG!!! (interpretation: Oh my Gosh!)

My friend, Vicki, sent me this link to an I read through each item my jaw just kept dropping. The nutrition facts for some of the things we can order at restaurants are, in a word, disgusting!!! Check it out for yourself....The 20 worst foods in America .... Happy Eating!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 12 and more pictures



Buffalo 0 7 7 0 14 Final

Jacksonville 10 6 3 17 36


Another Jaguar win...looking good Jags!

And, I've got more pictures to share from this extended Thanksgiving weekend - enjoy!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Thanksgiving is a nice time of year - I love it all - getting together with friends, the gathering of family and lots of food! There was no shortage of that this year at all!
Tuesday - drinks & appetizers with the girls (mmm...good ole bar drinks)
Wednesday - dinner at my place (Asian/American mix)
Thursday - 1pm - lunch at the Hamel's (Thanksgiving)
Thursday - 6pm - dinner at the Lo's (Asian inspired)
Friday - 3pm - dinner at the Lo's (Thanksgiving)

We had a total of 22 people at my parent's house this year for Thanksgiving dinner (yes, a day late, but still great food!) Lots of noise, good wine and great dessert selection! YUM! Here are a few pictures from my Thanksgiving weekend...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 11 & other ramblings

The Jaguars were on their game today - Garrard was back and was very impressive after a three week absence. One more in the W column - 24 - 17 Sorry San Diego...Go Jags!

In other news...I have been growing a pineapple plant in the front yard, waiting patiently for it to ripen. I noticed the other week that it was just about ready (getting nice and yellow) but I told myself, "I'm going to give it one more day." Well, apparently a raccoon in the area was keeping an eye on my little fruit plant as well - Caleb walked out to the driveway the other day and caught the little bugger enjoying MY PINEAPPLE!! He instantly ran away but now I will never know how delicious my pineapple was. It probably was pretty tasty since the raccoon ate the fruit down to the nub -Here's a similar picture of what my pineapple looked like:

And here is what was left of my plant after the raccoon enjoyed it.

In Thanksgiving news we have a number of family members coming to my parents house to visit - probably the most in our family's Thanksgiving history - estimating 22 people. Needless to say, mom is a little stressed. There are some who will be staying at their house, others will be at my brother's places (since he's got several at the moment). I am looking forward to see everyone though, I haven't seen my father's parents or a few cousins who will be visiting in about 8 years! Pictures will be posted after this week I'm sure :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A few ideas for gifts . . .

I am in the process of getting all of my Christmas cards and gifts done - thought I might compile a few websites that I like for gifts - I love the internet b/c you can sit at home in a comfy sweatshirt and sleeping pants with a pug on your lap and shop for all of your friends and family. FABULOUS!

1. - creates note pads from pictures you've taken
2. - choose from a variety of adorable pjs, everyone needs something cute and comfy to wear at night!
3. - by far some of the best fruit baskets you'll ever find - who couldn't use something a little healthy during a season full of "bad for you" foods?
4. - Personalized candy, how neat is that?
5. - By far the best invention for brownies - EVER!
6. - they have some great items for any of the knitters you may know!
7. - Who couldn't use more baskets?
8. - Any scrapbookers you know will love this site - VERY AFFORDABLE!
9. - Add some pizazz to someone's home or office
10. - unique gifts for that unique person
11. - Get something handmade
12. - put family recipes onto a CD or a bound book

Does anyone have any other websites they like - please share!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Favorite You-Tube Video

This video just touches my heart and makes me cry every time I watch it. It is probably because I have three little pugs and know how wonderful they can be. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 10 & Baby Shower




Jacksonville 7 7 7 7 28 Final

Tennessee 0 3 3 7 13


A dear friend of mine, Mary Helen, from Jacksonville had her Baby Shower this past weekend - Here is the Mom to be...and the baby sweater for little Aaron Edward Stewart when he is born.

I will have to admit, driving to Jax in the new (larger, yet not as fuel economic) Ford Explorer was a very nice ride...albeit a little more expensive than it used to be for a day trip. Nonetheless, well worth every penny to see good friends.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 9

Sad...should've won...Next week is a conference game - got-to-win!!!!



Jacksonville 17 0 0 7 24 Final

New Orleans 17 7 14 3 41


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pug Halloween

This year I made the attempt to dress the pugs up as mummies for Halloween. After I got them dressed though...I decided they looked more like injured dogs than mummies. Their costumes came off.

2005 Halloween Costumes were much better - Emmett was a Jaguar football player and Brantley was a Jaguar cheerleader.

And before that, in 2004 they were characters from the Wizard of Oz - Brantley was Dorothy and Emmett was the Cowardly Lion.