Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pug Meetup

In addition to the Knitting Meetup, I'm also a part of a Pug Meetup....we had a meetup last weekend but I forgot my camera so couldn't post pictures from that weekend (had to wait for others to post pictures and then I copied them). There were at least 30 pugs there...there's one shot here from when we tried to get a group picture - owner and pug.... it really did not work all that well, it's hard to keep so many pugs still for a group photo!!!!

Brantley, Emmett and Paris stayed near me some of the time...but they did go off on their own and play with some of the other puggies!

That's Brantley girl in my lap :)

Brantley girl still in my lap...and Paris getting an ear massage. Emmett is on the left, behind me.

This is an attempt to get a group photo.

Picture from the start of the Meetup...before most of the people came in from outside (it started raining after an hour or so).