Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jax Jaguars - Week 6

Jaguars win again...although I'm unable to view most of the Jag games from the house...we have Bright House which doesn't allow for the Sunday Ticket (special program where you can view a specific team's games). So, I only get to watch the games that the networks deem will get the most viewers (unfortunately the Jags don't usually attract many viewers, unless their opponent does). Of course I do realize that I could probably venture out to a restaurant/bar that has the game on but there's something about lounging on the couch, snacking on food and watching your team on your television in your living room. BUT, next week we've got the Monday night game against the Colts - put it on your calendar to tune in and cheer for the Jaguars!



Houston 3 3 3 8 17 Final

Jacksonville 0 10 6 21 37


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