Saturday, September 22, 2007

Diets, Joannes and Pugs

Happy Birthday, Fulton! Caleb's nephew had his 2nd birthday party today. . . got a little overwhelmed at times with the presents and all of the people but for the most part pretty good ;) He is a fan of cars, trucks, bull dozers, anything with four wheels apparently.

A note to anyone on a diet....if you're going to do the low carb thing, more power to you...pass up the bread, just have the hotdog or hamburger, no problem. BUT, I'm pretty sure that it won't help your diet plan if you skip the bun and still have three helpings of everything else. Just a thought.

Joanne's is such a dangerous place - even if you go there with someone else, aka Amy, with an original plan to just "tag along" you still end up finding something you "need." What a great store.

Pugs are wonderful...especially when they all get along and are cute and cuddly on their pug chair ;)


Jenny Moore said...

What cute puggies! Good to know that I'm not the only crazy one with three of them! lol.

Duke & Gidget said...

Awwwwww, what cute pugs!

~Pug Hugs~
Duke & Gidget